Central-East 2010

The final year of Duluth Central as a school was 2010, the school had been taken over by Denfeld students, unfortunately they did not show the repsect for the school or the traditions. While they may have worn Red & White this was not a Central team. The last official meeting between the two schools was disrupted by a bomb scare early in the day and the game was moved from Central to East. These photos were taken by former Trojan and Cake Bruce Taylor.

Paul Taylor All-State 1971, talking with former Morgan Park player Jeff Nace

National anthem.

Central coach Tom Bryaden talking with the author.

l to r:  Legendary coach Jim Hastings, living legend Bobby Kunze and Central player Ronnie Hansen

Two generations of Troy:  Jerome Strother and his son Jerome Jr. Both played basketball for Duluth Central.

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