Season wrap from the 1922 ZENITH:

At the beginning of the season things looked pretty dark for basket ball at Central. Marshall and Champion were out of the lineup because of injury and ineligibility and new men were taking their places. But after losing a few minor games and as the second semester came on, Marshall and Champion were back in the lineup. Then things began to look brighter. After success at home, Central went to the District Tournament and there won the District Championship.

Not content with being champions of District No. 4, the team next week went to Northfield to play for the State Championship. After winning two games from two tough teams, Central met Red Wing in the Semi-Finals. Due to sickness and injuries our team lost to Red Wing by a score of 30-25. Even though Central did not win the State Championship, she won something that is equal to it in the minds of most people and that is the cup for good sportsmanship. We are mighty proud of our team and the work that they have done.


Believe it or not; Duluth Central high school was built without a gymnasium (or lunchroom for that matter). An article from January 1922 noted that through the civics classes committees were formed and petitions written and the students circulated the petitions to be presented to the school board.

The "gym" was the focal point of the petition but they also included the lunchroom, the students also wanted the luxury of hot lunch served at noon time.

Equal opportunity; the students argued that schools of Central's size across the county have accommodations for physical activity and at Central is wasn't even an option in 19922.

The students also added that the basket ball team practices a the Y.M.C.A. (about 5 blocks away) and generally practice is during the dinner hour.

"With the advance in education and especially since the war, when the draft revealed the great numbers of men not fit for service schools throughout the country have adopted programs of physical education to make a better physical citizenry. In this Duluth has been sadly negligent with no thought toward the physical education of all the children. Certain schools in the city have gyms but the largest, Central high school, is provided with no facilities for a practical health program."

Don't forget lunch; since only a half hour is given for lunch there is no time to run home or go "down town", so the best option is serving hot lunch at Central. The students hope for lunches that will includes: "soups, cocoa, milk and similar foods."

"Successful teams engender a stronger school spirit into the student body," Miss Marie McGeevy said, "Duluth Central has the best material in the northeast for its athletic teams and with adequate facilities would rank way above its competitors in this territory."

The committee of civic classes circulated the petition.

Before East, there was Cathedral

A team always needs a rivalry and since East wasn't around ( it can be noted that some kids attending Central in 1922 long before East became a school, lived in the East district) Cathedral would be the obvious answer back then. At this writing I don't know where the original Cathedral was - I will find out though.

The game of the season was focused on by the New Tribune with two articles the first "C.H.S.-Cathedral Cage Quints on Edge for Game". On edge for a Cathedral game? It appears that the mighty Trojans have held an advantage over Cathedral for a number of years and this year Cathedral expects things to be different. "For the last six years it has been the encouraging hope of Cathedral to defeat a Red and White grid teams or win the Head of the Lakes basket ball championship, which they were prevented from doing by Central." A large crowd is expected the students are being organized "to turn out in mass"; so to accommodate the students and "the large crowds of outside spectators, the Shrine auditorium has been obtained." "Coach Parkins is drilling his men under strict orders to put them in shape."

The article dated January 28, 1922 featured pictures of the team captains (Central's Marshall & Cathedral's Bielli).

"One of the largest crowds in the history of interscholastic basket ball is expected at the Central-Cathedral game tonight at the Shrine auditorium. This is the first time in a number of ears that an interscholastic game has been played on any floor but a school gymnasium or a Y.M.C.A. gym. Cathedral if favored to win and bet are being made at 5-to-4 that Central goes down to defeat."


game summary coming soon.

Captain Lawrence Champion - center

This is "Champ's" third year on the basketball team. He is one of the cleanest basket ball players Central ever had. He is a fast and steady player and a reliable man at the pivot position. His clean and fast playing earned for him the position as "all-state center".

John Marshal - running guard

"Johnny" has been on the basket ball team for two years. His ability to watch his man and shoot baskets has earned for him the position of "all-state guard." He is a steady, consistent player and his graduation this year will be regretted by every student in Central.

Ben Toback - guard

"Benny" is our little foul shooter. He has proven himself to be a good running mate of Marshall. Ben is always in the pink of condition and can be relied upon in pinches by his foul shooting. Ben will graduate this year.

Bernard King - forward

King is one of those all around athletes whom you hear so much about. King had a manner of dropping long ones in from the middle of the floor that makes the other team admire him. This is King's first year on the team and with "Pete" as a running mate, they should make a great pair next year.

Tommy O'Neill

Yes, Tommy is a member of the O'Neill family that brought fame to Central in the Athletic world in days gone by. Tommy is one of those fellows who is to be found on any part of the floor. as a forward, hs is a fast and hard player and has also shown great ability as a center. Tommy will be with us next year.

Irwin Peterson - forward

"Pete" is one of those small, wiry fellows and is a hard man to watch. His ability as a "pot shooter" has earned for him a name as a basket ball forward. This is "Pete's" first year on the team and we expect great things from him in the next three years.

Edward Remington - guard

This is "Eddy's" first year on the team. A little more experience and he will make a fast and clever forward. He has the ability to shoot baskets well and plays a clean game. Ed will also return to Central next year.

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